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Offended!!!!!!! I used to get so offended when someone would call me selfish and when someone would say to me that I am confused and don’t know what I want.  Now the problem with offense is that it makes us start to question ourselves even when we know what is being said isn’t necessarily true.  […]

Simple Purpose Talks

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I did a thing… I did a motherfreaking thing!!!!!! So excited for myself.  I have been struggling for the past couple of years with having my voice being heard in different ways and one of the ways was to do a YouTube channel.  The thing about YouTube is that I don’t really like being on […]

Success Requires Preparation

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So I want to be hugely successful but am I prepared for the success that I am praying and hoping for?  Are you prepared for the success that you are praying and hoping for?  I am not quite sure where the urge came from to dig deeper into success and figure out what it really […]