Dear Young Zony…

What advice would you give your younger self?

I started writing this post at the tender age of 35 and it has been sitting in my drafts.  I think that it is time for me to finish it.

So I am 40 now and there are so many things that I wish I knew before letting experience be my teacher.  My dad always says “You don’t want experience to be your teacher” and I really get it more than ever now.  So to my younger self I would first say really listen and communicate with your parents and even your grandparents really all adults that have your best interest at heart.  They really have been there, done that and have the stories to prove it.  They are not going to tell you anything that is going to harm you.  Their wisdom is priceless!!!!!  Second I am screaming don’t get credit cards upon entering college, leave them in the envelope and burn them (lol).  Really be responsible with your credit and your money.  If you can take a finance class do so and get a good understanding of what money means to you.  Be responsible!!!! Also, get as little loan assistance for school as possible.  Sallie Mae or now Navient is no joke at all and she will run your life forever if you aren’t careful.  Third, really pay attention to the people that you surround yourself with.  Make sure that they are moving in the same direction that you are.  Make sure they are positive and encouraging and that you are doing the same for them.  Always have people in your life that compliment you and you compliment them.  I would also tell the younger Zony that boys are always going to be around and there is definitely NO rush to be with one and settle down.  Take your time and trust your inner voice!!!! Also, worrying gets you know where and self doubt is not acceptable. Follow your dreams no matter how hard it looks and what obstacles pop up. Be proud, be happy, be comfortable, be confident, be daring and spontaneous, be yourself no matter what.  Live life without any hesitations, love hard and let yourself be loved.  Really live every moment while preparing for the future.  Last but definitely not least, keep God at the head of your life and you will definitely be alright. He always has you covered.

I definitely don’t have any regrets in life because everything has been a lesson and granted I have had to learn some lessons a couple of times.  But I am grateful for the experience which has brought me to this place in my life and I more than excited about what’s to come.

What are somethings that you would tell your younger self?  Comment and let me know.

Can’t wait to hear from you,