So since high school I have been on the financial track with my career.   I have worked in the finance world for almost 20 years and then one Wednesday night some years ago one of my mentors tasked me to write about what I really loved to do.  Writing has always been my escape from everything around me (well writing and music.)  But needless to say I had no problem with the writing part of it but I was a little unsure of what I loved to do.  So I took the time to sit down and just start writing and I started with of course numbers and accounting and where it ended shocked the hell out of me.

It ended up at counseling and consulting.  Working in accounting can lead to counseling and consulting and I always wanted to be a lawyer.  So I started the process of researching law schools and what I needed and what schools were the best fit for me but it just never really seemed right at the time.  So I continued on my financial journey and realizing that accounting is a great field to be in and I enjoy it but it isn’t enough.  I want more and I want to contribute more to this world.
Fast forward a couple of years later, I started searching for more and stumbled upon the world of blogs.  I’ve never been one to shy away from reading especially when it benefits my life and way of thinking.  I almost became obsessed with reading these blogs and looking for information.  This eventually led to me thinking about my purpose in life and ultimately searching for it.  I was doing self-evaluation tests, spiritual gift tests, answering questions that made me think past the surface of what I saw and wanted.  Skip to two years ago while talking to my best friend she referred to me as her “Voice of Reason” (VOR).  Basically I keep her thoughts balanced and offer meaningful guidance.  I appreciated the compliment.  One day I stumbled upon coaching, life coaching to be more specific and started doing more research and realized that this is what I was doing everyday with my friends and even myself. 

I flashed back to the writing assignment and looked up and said “Okay God I see where you are leading me”.

I am proud to say that I have been through the Beautiful You Coaching Academy which is one of the top academies in the coaching arena and I bring tons of life experience to the table.  I love setting goals and making amazing vision boards to keep you on track with where you want to be in life.  I love asking the tough questions to make you look past the surface of your life and make you dig deeper to find your true self.  Everything that I can help you do I have done for myself and it has brought me to a place where I am comfortable with me and I would love  to help you with this as well.  

It has taken some time for me to get here but I am now ready and able to walk completely in my purpose to help you walk in your purpose.   I have taken the time to combine my experience in the finance industry and my love of living with purpose and created this safe space for women like you looking to find their purpose and live the most amazing life that is possible for them.

I believe in living a simple life while making it extraordinary let me help you live an extraordinary life from this day forward.

Zony 🙂