I don’t know about you but God likes to have conversations with me when I am in the shower.  Recently while I was in the shower He prompted me to go back and watch Beyoncé’s first documentary, “Life Is But A Dream”  when you have time, go back and watch it.  So on this day I woke up early enough to get ready for work and do all that I had to do and then sit down and watch the documentary before going to work.  The thing about me is if I waited until after work I probably wouldn’t have watched it and it would have become a fleeting memory to do.  So I don’t think it was by chance that I just happened to get up early, early on this day.  I was like okay God what do you want me to get out of this.  I got comfortable and focused on the video.  In this journal post I am going to give you the lessons or insights that I received from this video and I hope that you will go back and watch it and get your own lessons and lets compare and have some good conversation around what we have learned and what we are going to implement into our lives.

Lesson 1:  Purpose is bigger than sales.  You have to walk in your purpose at all times.

This is something that completely holds true for me and it reinforces all that I know about purpose.  You all know that I am big on finding your purpose and walking boldly in it no matter what comes at you.  Purpose is something that you just can’t escape.  You may not want to do it and you may run from it but it will always be on your back whether you ignore it or not.  The pull to do it will always be there in my opinion.  The money is good to receive when you are truly walking and living in your purpose but it shouldn’t determine whether or not you live out your purpose.

Lesson 2:  Be clear on what you want.

If you aren’t clear about what you want then you can’t lead others on your team to help you get there.  That is it … that is all!!!  No but for real, it took me forever to start becoming consistent with my business because I didn’t really have clarity on what I wanted this to look like.    I just knew that I wanted to help women in the journey of discovering their purpose.  I didn’t really know what that looked like.  I didn’t really know how to go about doing it because I hadn’t seen it executed before.  I just knew what I had been through and grown through and I just wanted to help others not go through that.  So now that I am clear on what I want I can reach out for the help and resources that I need to grow the business and consistently help others in this journey.

Lesson 3:  Allow yourself to be scared but don’t get stuck in it.  Feel the fear and release it.

I am scared all of the time.  I think as a child I must have been scared of my own shadow because that is how much I have allowed fear to stop me from doing things that I know I should be doing pertaining to my purpose.  I am backwards in the way that I am super adventurous I have been skydiving, ziplining, and other things that are life threatening and would do them over and over again if I had the chance.  The difference for me is that with those adventures with fear comes only 3 at the most outcomes.  I have a sense of what is going to happen and there aren’t a lot of what if’s that go along with them.  With walking in my purpose fully there are an infinite amount of what if’s and outcomes that could happen and I just don’t know.  So I have allowed the fear to keep me inconsistent, paralyzed in doubt, always questioning God and so many other things that shouldn’t have been on my mind. Let go of the fear!!

Lesson 4:  Push past the obstacles that are sure to come.

Obstacles are apart of the journey.  You may not know what they are going to be or when they are going to come but they are going to come no matter what you do.  Stay on your toes and always be ready to pivot or make changes to the plan when they arrive.  Don’t let them stop you.

Lesson 5:  Even when you don’t think anyone is listening … KEEP speaking!!

In the moments when I am ready to throw in the towel and give it all up.  I get random text messages or DMs letting me know that I am being heard and I am being seen.  It is in those moments where I am like okay God so all of this isn’t in vane.  If you help or touch one person you are doing what God is directing you to do.  You are walking in your purpose.  You are serving in your purpose superpower.  Go to my IG and see what I a mean by serving in your purpose.  But always know that someone is listening but may not be speaking up.

Lesson 6:  Build community

No man is an island… God didn’t design us to move in this world without community.  Get out and embrace your community.  There are people out there that think you are pretty cool and want to be around you and create memories with you.  Meet your people and allow your people to really meet you.  Build deeper relationships.  Most of our relationships are very surface level because we don’t want to be hurt if we can help it so we only give people the surface of us but God calls us to be in relationship and it’s not just with your spouse.  Allow  others to see past the surface of who you are and grow in relationship with them.  I am definitely guilty of the surface relationship because I have been hurt more times than I care to count when it comes to relationships/friendships but I have to move past those hurts, learn from them and be discerning in building new relationships and friendships.  But I can’t stop building relationships.

Lesson 7:  Don’t take excuses from yourself or anyone else.

Work on solutions!!!  We will always have an excuse as to why we shouldn’t do something or can’t do something but that doesn’t mean that we have to accept the excuses.  Life is too short to allow the excuses to stop you from living your best life no matter what it looks like.  Don’t allow others to give you excuses that you wouldn’t tolerate from yourself.  Remember that God gave you your purpose and dreams no one else so when you bring someone else into them they may see why you shouldn’t or couldn’t do it but they aren’t God.  If He gave you the prompting then He has made provision for it.  Don’t stop at the excuses!!

Lesson 8:  Announce yourself before stepping into someone else’s lane.

THIS IS A GOOD ONE!!!!  We all have our jobs to do and I don’t know about you but I don’t like it when someone jumps into my job or my position and just starts doing it without talking to me first.  So this lesson is something I am going to make a post card out of because it’s a lesson that everyone should definitely learn.  I like to stay in my own lane because I know it and I don’t mind allowing others to move in their lane.  If you need my assistance I don’t mind stepping in but I don’t take over because that isn’t what we are called to do.  I don’t have a takeover spirit and those that do aggravate the mess out of me.  I don’t mind letting you know that I don’t need you in my lane either so tread lightly with me lol.  If you have these type of people in your life don’t be afraid to set the boundary and stick to it.

Lesson 9:  Business and being polite don’t always equal out.  You can be polite but don’t be unfair to yourself.

The saying “It’s not personal, it’s just business” comes to mind.  The thing is doing business with someone is one of the most personal things around.  No one is going to respect your business if you don’t.  No one is going to take you serious if you don’t.  This lesson again requires boundaries.  Set the boundary and stick to it and the respect will come along with it.  A lot of times in business we are polite at the expense of ourselves because “the customer is always right”.  In fact that isn’t always true.  The customer is going to try to get more for less whether it be your time, a lower price for more product/service anything that they can and that definitely isn’t right.  Know your worth and be polite when explaining it to them.

Lesson 10:  If you can’t manage yourself how do you expect to manager others.

The first person that you have to lead, motivate, encourage, and get buy in from is yourself and if you can’t do that how do you expect to get others to believe in you.  It starts with self.  Consistently lead, motivate, encourage, and push yourself to live in your purpose and to follow your dreams and achieve your goals and then bring others in on the journey.  Believe in you first so that you aren’t trying to convince others to.  They will see and just jump on board and be ready to help in the process.

I know this is a lot so take it in pieces but these were some good gems that I received from the documentary.  I thank God so much for prompting me to watch this again.  It was definitely what I needed right now and I hope that you will get something from lessons learned and also go back and watch the video and let me know what lessons you get for yourself.

“Life Is But A Dream” Documentary 

Did any of these lessons trigger anything for you?  Let me know.

Thank you for stopping by and as always I hope that you have a simply amazing day.


Zony 🙂