P.S.A – Pray.Set.Activate

So a while back I dropped some information on the Coaching With Zony IG page about setting goals.  It is called the PSA method … Pray, Set, and Activate.  I dropped it and then a week later I dropped a worksheet to go along with it.  But I never really gave any real guidance to using the method so today I am here to walk you through the PSA method and hopefully you will be able to use this method when setting your goals going forward.

So a little backstory, most people say to use the SMART method when setting your goals but if your goals and dreams are anything like mine they don’t seem too smart and that method just didn’t work for me.  So I had to go through some trial and error to get to the point of saying your goals don’t look too smart as a matter of fact most people would be like never mind I don’t want that to be my goal and scale down to something smart.  Let’s face it a lot of the world won’t achieve their BIG AMAZING goals because someone will say to them that isn’t smart and I don’t think you should do it.  More people’s dreams are killed not by their thoughts but by the thoughts and opinions of others.  So if you can’t trust the opinion of someone keep your information to yourself.  Now let me get off of my soapbox. 

So because I have been through the Smart people telling me that my dreams aren’t smart I decided to come up with my own method to reach my goals and dreams which is called the PSA method.  The steps are simple and easy to execute. 

First step:  Pray

  • Y’all have been around me long enough to know that prayer is going to be a step in anything that I do because without the guidance of God nothing will prosper.  So pray about what you want to do.  Ask God if this is the goal that He wants you to go for.  Ask Him to help you set it up and ask Him to help you in the activation of it. 

If you don’t know how to pray here is a quick template if you want to call it that to get you started.

  1. Acknowledge God
  2. Give thanks and reverence unto God
  3. Give Him your heart and all that you have to give within
  4. Make your request known
  5. Pray for others that you know that need Him (don’t be selfish)
  6. Close it out acknowledging that you have to go through Jesus to get to God.

I hope that helps get you started… Make prayer your own God just wants you to talk to Him and trust Him even though He knows it all and sees it all.  Give it to Him anyway.

Second step:  Set

  • Set your goal.  This requires you to put it in writing.  This requires you to set the steps that you will need to take to get it completed.  It will sometimes require a timeline if you are one of those people who will procrastinate like me put yourself on a timeline if your goal allows for it.  For example I want to be a multiple home owner I can put that on a timeline. I also want to be married I can’t put that on a timeline. 

Tips for setting your goal:

  1. Write down everything that it will take to reach your goal, all of the steps.
  2. Rank the steps from first to last.
  3. If it can be put on a timeline put a date to reach each step by.  Don’t give yourself too much time because you may get comfortable and not reach it.  I believe that you need to push yourself a little bit harder when it comes to achieving your goals. Put a little bit of pressure on yourself.

Third step:  Activate

  • Everything that you have outlined start to activate.  Put the plan in motion.  Also remember to be flexible because God may have some teachable moments coming your way during the journey.  Enjoy the process however it may happen but don’t give up if you know that it is what God has given you the green light to do.

Now that I have given you the blueprint, I am also going to give you the worksheet.  If you need guidance with it please feel free to reach out to me.  Ya’ll know that I am a life coach so if you need my coaching services book the best program for you. I look forward to hearing your success stories in achieving your goals. The worksheet is below.

Talk to you again soon.


Zony 🙂