Success Requires Preparation

So I want to be hugely successful but am I prepared for the success that I am praying and hoping for?  Are you prepared for the success that you are praying and hoping for?  I am not quite sure where the urge came from to dig deeper into success and figure out what it really looks like or really what is it.  But I figure if I want to be as successful as I want to be in my head then I need to really break it down for myself and why not break it down for you as well.  So here we go… the journey to success because we all are meant to be successful.

Webster’s Dictionary defines success as the fact of getting or achieving wealth, respect, or fame; the correct or desired result of an attempt.  There are different levels for each of these categories in achieving success and every person looks at them differently.  So it gets a little more complicated if you allow it to.  But we are going to keep it simple in this post.  With success all I want is the wealth and respect.  I don’t need to be famous.  I have never ran into a person that said that they didn’t want to be successful at something no matter how big or small it may be they want to be apart of something that they can be proud of.  However most fulfill something and they aren’t satisfied with the accomplishment and they quickly move on to the next thing.  It’s almost like chasing a high that will never be matched again after the first time (I have only heard about the high part never experienced it for myself).  We will never be satisfied if we aren’t fully prepared for success.  So I am going to give you some steps that will help you prepare for success and instead of jumping to the next big thing after achieving a goal stick with it and celebrate it for a little bit.

Step One:  Define the Goal

What is that you are trying to achieve?  Is it clear to You?  You don’t have to make it clear to anyone else but it should be crystal clear to you.  So for example, I want to be a successful, impacting life and purpose coach.  That is the goal and it is clear to me.  I remember when I first started telling people that I wanted to be a life coach I got so many questions and the doubts were overwhelming and it derailed me for awhile because I wasn’t ready for the criticism and questions toward my goal.  But at this point I have moved past all of that and I no longer feel like I have to make it clear for anyone but me.

Step Two:  Put some JUICE into your goal

Basically put some energy, intensity into your goal.  If you don’t put the same amount of energy or more that you give your job or something else then you won’t really appreciate it when you achieve it.  Light a fire under your heals to get the goal accomplished.  It wasn’t until I literally heard God tell me to make the necessary moves for this goal that I started giving it the same amount of attention that I give my 9-5 job or anything else that I have to work at.  So here I am giving you some good quality content.  He basically told me to put some juice (energy) into it.

Step Three:  Celebrate

Along the path to achieving the bigger vision there will be smaller accomplishments and so you have to take the time to celebrate those because they are just as important as the big vision.  Without the smaller accomplishments you wouldn’t have made it to the bigger goal.  CELEBRATE the small steps.  So my small steps to my big goal is to give you all good quality consistent content and being more present in the building of the business.

Step Four:  Accountability

You have to get you a me in your life.  I am my clients biggest cheerleader.  You need a cheerleader that is going to hold you accountable and cheer you on during the process of achieving your goal.  They should be strong enough to not let you give them a BS excuse as to why you haven’t did anything toward your goal and they should be a great motivator to get you jump started when you are stuck.  This person needs to also be genuine in wanting to see you succeed.

Step Five:  Act “As If”

Basically you have already achieved the goal so act “As If” you have already achieved.  This step has no room for self doubt or insecurity.  You have to be bold enough to know that you are going to achieve your goal.  So “As If” you are already at the finished line.


Don’t get to the finish line and start to think what is next.  Start to really appreciate the goal that you have just accomplished and the hard work that you put into achieving it.  Most goals aren’t easy to achieve and you have to put some effort into getting to the finish line.  So celebrate your accomplishment and take some time to sit with it.

So now that we have the steps of preparing for success we can better manage our expectations and our outcomes.  Now lets get to setting goals and achieving them.  I would love to know what you are going for drop me a quick note and let me know what you are planning and if there is anything that I can do to help you.  I look forward to hearing from you.

Until next time continue to live your best life!!!


Zony 🙂

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