Accountability: Thinking Of Home

Remember when I wrote a blog post last year about this journey that I am on.  Ya’ll I should have asked you all to hold me accountable for the steps that I needed to take sooner than now.  So I moved out of my home of 9 years and moved in with a church friend.  This move allowed me to breath a little bit but ya’ll I haven’t stopped breathing.  I have enjoyed not having the pressure of a lot of bills hitting me in the head every month.  It has been the easiest time that I have had I think in a long time.  But now as I am reflecting on one of my major goals for my life well that breathing has set me back on achieving the goal of buying my first home.  I really want to purchase my first home this year.  I have really kicked this plan up a notch since this new year started.  

So now I am kind of like girl if you don’t get your life together at this point.  I had a crucial heart to heart with myself a couple of weeks ago and I just had to be completely real with myself.  I always pray for God to show me Me and for Him to show me as He sees me.  When I say I got both visions in one day and I don’t think that I was ready for it.  But I got it.  Like I no longer see myself at the level that I was used to seeing myself but He allowed me to see me so much deeper.  I had to curse myself out really good.  If you haven’t had to curse yourself out before to get back in line then you are doing everything right and I admire you.  

So at this time I am sitting my butt down and getting the goal of purchasing my new home on track.  For the longest my struggle was if I was going to stay in Georgia or move back to South Carolina but then God had to come at me with a nice tongue lashing and be like I told you to be in GA so start making the moves that you are suppose to be making now.  Ever since that conversation I try to everyday do something toward my goal.  Something that I had to stop doing was announcing things before doing them because my follow through game was real slack.  However, I have been really putting my best foot forward to make this business what it is and to be able to have my own official home to have my amazing office to crank out great content and to lead by example.  I have been allowing fear to keep me from going forward with what will be the biggest purchase of my life but I believe that I am totally ready to do it.  So I am preparing and getting all of my ducks in a row. 

Here is where I need your help though, can you please hold me accountable?  Coaches need accountability partners also.  So do a check in with me every once and awhile and ask me where I am in the process of purchasing my home.  Also, what have you been putting off that you need to be held accountable to completing?  Leave a comment letting me know if you want to be accountability partners and get these goals knocked out.

Talk to you all again soon.


Zony  🙂