5 Steps To Setting Your Priorities

I went into 2019 full of hopes, goals, and so much enthusiasm to dominate the year however, that is not what happened at all.  I created my vision board and wrote out the vision and prayer for the year.  Ya’ll I was ready but then I happened to my life.  Self sabotage is one of the biggest hindrances in our own lives.  We shut ourselves down more than anyone else or anything else could ever shut us down.  We or maybe I because I can only speak for myself will tell myself “no” before I allow someone else to tell me no.  But the truth is that just maybe they would say “yes” and at the end of the day it is okay if they say “no”.  You just have to find another route to get that thing done.  So this year I didn’t do a vision board because I didn’t accomplish anything from my 2019 board and there are still some things on my 2018 board that I want to accomplish so I am using both of those boards for 2020 inspiration.  One essential piece to my year being successful was setting my priorities.  I set them in the middle of last year but this year I am sticking to what is important to me and not getting dragged into anything that isn’t.  

Your priorities don’t have to look like the priorities of those around you and they don’t have to be agreed upon by a group of people.  You walk your walk with your rules.

So how to set your priorities … DON’T OVERTHINK IT!!!!!

I like to keep the process simple so my rule of thumb is to write down everything that you love about your life and rank them in the order that is most comfortable for you.  I love God so He is definitely first on my list and then of course I love myself so ME is second and then of course family and if you look above you will see how the rest flows into place.  Priorities require investment.  Not always money but definitely time so you have to ask yourself what are you willing to invest the time, energy and sometimes money in.  Those are the things that you want to invest in and put on your list of priorities.

Step 1:  Keep it Simple
Step 2:  List everything that is important to you.
Step 3:  Think about what you are willing to invest the most of your time, energy and money into.
Step 4:  Rank them in order of most importance to you.
Step 5:  Start investing in those things and manifesting them into your life.

Your priorities are yours so if there is a time when you just aren’t feeling one of them you can remove it and replace it or just re-prioritize your list to your preference.  As you grow your priorities can and will change.  Be flexible and open as your life evolves into where it is suppose to grow.  Now that you have the steps it is time for you to sit down and start to figure out your priorities and where you want to go within this season of your life.

Let me know how it goes.  What are your priorities and did the steps that I gave you work for you?  I look forward to hearing from you.

Until next time keep living your extraordinary simple life.


Zony 🙂