Oh Wait That Was A Lesson

Hey hey hey ya’ll!!!!

Yep as usual it has been a while since I dropped a little something on the blog but I am here promising  🙄 to do better in 2019.  Truth is I love this blog but I am super intimidated by it also.  I want to always provide quality content for you all.  I am just not all of the way sure what you are looking for so if you have a quick moment let me know what you would like to see more from me.  Until then I will do better this year because I am pushing myself to be INTENTIONAL and CONSISTENT which are my guiding words for this year.

So my first intentional post comes to you today as I was in the shower reflecting on different things that I learned during 2018 and that I have learned so far in 2019.  Here you go… these are in no particular order other than when I was given them in my thought process.

Lessons of 2018
  • Fearless was my guiding word for 2018 and when I chose the word I was dead set on not being scared to do anything throughout the year. But what I realized is that it is very okay to be scared or fearful.  It’s actually a normal emotion but what I realized more than ever is that although I was scared to do certain things I can still move within that fear. It doesn’t have to stop me from doing anything. Recognize it, understand it and move how you need to.
  • Not every end of a season, friendship, relationship needs a monologue, Ted Talk, soliloquy, Long drawn out conversation a simple this isn’t working for me or the time has come for this be over works just fine.
  • Loyalty isn’t always healthy… don’t be loyal just to be loyal because not everyone or everything deserves it.
  • Love will forever be the purest form of affection for me but not everyone will be willing to speak my love language or even take the time to learn it and that is okay.
Lessons already in 2019
  • Not everyone is ready to grow up … including myself in some areas.
  • A simple smile and nod is better than letting your mouth get you in an unnecessary situation.
  • Saying No is still okay and it is still a complete sentence.
  • Responsibility is okay as long as you manage it for yourself.
  • It’s okay to be yourself even if others are uncomfortable around you.
  • Not all thoughts of you from others are true and their random directions/opinions for your life don’t have to be accepted.

Okay ya’ll that’s all I got so far.  What lessons did you learn in 2018 or have learned so far in 2019?  Let me know reply to the post.

I am super excited for 2019 to be an amazingly intentional and consistent year for me.  I am going to be bolder than I have ever been because I want everything that I have been promised and and purposed for.

Talk to you all again soon!!

Zony  🙂