Short Post: “I Promise”

“I Promise” … This phrase is thrown around so loosely and it urks my nerves.  

For as long as I can remember I have never let people make promises to me.  I always stop them when the phrase starts and just say if you’re going to do it then do it but you don’t have to make me a promise just in case something comes up and you can’t do it.  To me a promise is binding and it shouldn’t be taken lightly … again I have no clue where I got this concept from.  I have racked my brain to figure out where this started for me but I get nothing.   Fast forward to now and I still don’t do promises too tough.

But I read a book by Rachel Hollis, “Girl Wash Your Face” and she says that we start off being weary of others making promises to us because we break promises to ourselves on a regular basis and one of three things happen.  We either 1.) are indifferent to it and it doesn’t bother us 2.) get upset with ourselves and beat ourselves up 3.) give ourselves a pep talk and try again at another time.  So here is the thing … I have been promising myself to do certain things in my life since I was probably a kid.  But probably over half of those things haven’t been accomplished so because I have let myself down I won’t give anyone else a chance to let me down either.  

Every year I make a lot of goals for myself and I never accomplish half of them.  So this year I only made three major goals for myself for the year well really 2 and God has to have complete control of the other one but I wanted Him to know that I really really really want this goal to come together.  Instead of making myself a bunch of promises from now on the only promise that I have is to allow myself to live my life according to me and what God has purposed for it.  No 1,000 goals and promises to get things done because lets be honest we make plans to get things done all day but let one thing happen that isn’t apart of the plan and it will throw us off course and discourage us from going through with the goal.  So I will live and let live this year I promise lol. 

How do you feel about promises?  Do you make them and follow through?  Give me some feedback.

Until next time youse guys!!!!


Zony 🙂