My New Thing

Simply My Purpose

“You made a way
When our backs were against the wall
And it looked as if it was over
You made a way
And we’re standing here
Only because you made a way
You made a way”
 Travis Greene

For the past 2 months I have woke up around 4 in the morning with the above lyrics going in my head, almost like my internal alarm clock.  I honestly didn’t appreciate it or understand it until this morning.  I purchased this domain in October of last year and I attempted to start building it.  This became the most frustrating process of my life at the time.  Some days I wanted to throw the laptop across the room nothing was making sense to me, even the tutorials were like Greek to me, so I just stopped working on it.  But it wasn’t until June 30, 2016 as I was thinking about launching my website that God revealed to me that even though I was able to purchase the domain, the hosting and all of the elements to building a NEW website, a NEW business, a NEW thing … I wasn’t ready at all.

I’ve had conversations with a couple of people lately about being ready for what they are praying for and I’ve learned over the years that although we say that we are ready for something, our lives and our actions may not reflect it, so it isn’t going to happen.  I wasn’t ready, my life wasn’t ready, and my mental definitely wasn’t ready.   My life was in a frustrating place. It was almost like I was walking around in a fog and of course I knew how to get out of it but it became my normal. On the outside, I looked happy, I know how to do that look more than any other look. I was cool, no problems but on the inside I was breaking down like never before.  I was so exhausted from my life and I didn’t recognize the person looking back at me in the mirror.  I just wanted my real happy back.  But then my world blew all the way up and what I thought was the end was actually the very beginning.  I now know that it was more of God pushing me out of this space that I had become comfortable in, it was my “normal” and for whatever reason I was okay with it.  I didn’t see it at the time but God was really prepping me for these last couple of months in my life.  I lost touch with Him and in January I watched War Room, can you say AMAZING and a true blessing to my life.  So guess what I did, yep I created a prayer wall and I ran out to the LifeWay Christian Bookstore and bought up the devotionals associated with the movie I was oh so serious you guys lol.  I would wake up early to get the devotional in before leaving the house and I spent time in my prayer corner before bed.  It was really making a difference slow but it was getting through to me.

Simply My Purpose was given to me a couple of years ago, it has been a couple of names however, but Simply My Purpose is very fitting for the business that I am building and the way that I am living these days.  God and I had a shower conversation (disclaimer…God and I have the best conversations in the car and the shower) and I wanted my original launch date to be July 1st but He said nope July 4th.  The day that we celebrate our Independence because You are free to be who you dream to be.  I don’t know if you all know that feeling but it gives me flutters and it just makes me smile from ear to ear.  This is the start of so many things to come.  God has truly made a way in my life and I don’t know how He did it but I am truly grateful for it all.

Simply My Purpose is here to help you maneuver through the fog.  It can be rough and I know how it feels to be in it and feel alone.  So when you feel like no one understands just know that I do and I am here to help you move through it and live an amazingly FREE life!!!!!

I hope that you enjoy the sight.  Reply back and let me know what you are grateful for and how He brought you through.


6 thoughts on “My New Thing

  1. I’m all smiles over here for you beautiful woman ! First, I just want to say Congratulations to you. Its nothing like walking in your purpose and I’m glad that you are walking in yours. To answer your question I am grateful for life itself. Although I’m currently going through some very trying times, and its difficult to cope, I know there is something bigger and better when this season is over with. Happy Launch Day to you !!!

    1. Hey Torri!!!! Thank you so much!!! Yes this is an amazing process and I just want to remind you that everything that you are going through right now is a process setting you up for the next level that will be greater. It’s bigger than you and you will be amazed at the end of it all. Love you lady!!!!!

  2. So super excited for you in the new phase in life. If God has ordained it so shall it prosper!
    I started a MaryKay business about 1 1/2yrs ago. I’m going to move forward with advancement. People think MK is just makeup but you learn valuable business skills. I’m gonna use those skills for a couple of other ventures I have brewing in my head…
    This is a real inspiration!

    1. Hey Sway!!!! Thank you for stopping by and sharing. Yes use all of those skills and they will only get better as you use them and you add to them. You will be great. Keep me posted if I can support in any way.

  3. I am grateful for your obedience, your rebelling, and your discipline. Thank you for hearing, fighting, pushing back, and being totally available to God when He chose to move you. This is just absolutely beautiful, and I am all to excited to say, this is simply your purpose. (And now I shall dream again, believing this time for me.) Congratulations and may His blessings forever be abundant in your life.

    1. Heyyyy Tai!!! I just want to say thank you so much for all of our talks and your straight forwardness. I appreciate you more than you know. Thanks for the encouragement and I can’t wait to see what your next steps will be. How is the planner and goals going for this year?

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