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Words of Purpose

Words of Purpose

So when I starting this career path of life coaching I told some people and I got some looks of like WTH and a couple of laughs.  I had a period of doubting my next move and kind of slacked off from moving forward.  However, after many conversations with God and confirmation a couple of times.  I am a rebellious person and God sometimes has to tell me more than a couple of times to do something so yeah there was a lot of that going on.  But I finally bit the bullet and moved forward in what people are looking at me sideways about and as nervous as I am about this major step I can say that I am just as excited because I know that this is the step that I needed to take in my life to be fulfilled and be of service to others.  I welcome the laughs and the side looks and the WTH comments going forward because I am sure in this next phase of life.  So what dreams do you have that people around you may not understand?  Comment below.

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  1. All I can say is……JOB well done! While we always think we are behind, sometimes the disappointment of NOT getting what we want when we want actually pushes us to keep going, or to dig deeper. Your entire testimony is pushing me to keep going, and finalize some things! Cheers to YOUR new start and blog life. I’ll be hitting you up for some insight, tips etc. Super excited for you Zon-Bon! Awwwww, I love this. It’s beautifu, just like you! Xoxoxoxo

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