Journey to the Next Chapter

Sometimes a “step back” is not necessarily a step back but a step up for the next phase of your chapter. I have been going through a little something lately that I will elaborate on at a later date. I am in the process of moving and the move looks like I am taking a step back verses a step forward. I was a little embarrassed in the beginning but God whispered to me that I am actually taking a step up for my next journey.

As I began to think about it more I realized that it definitely is a step up to what is next to come and you guys it is huge. I am so excited for what this step up is affording me to do in my life. I would have never in a million years guessed that I would have this opportunity but it is here and I am jumping on it. Let me tell you I normally would have never taken advantage of this opportunity because 1. it requires me to ask for help 2. it requires me to trust when I feel so vulnerable 3. it requires me to let my pride go 4. sit my ego down and 5. I had to put my fear aside (the biggest challenge of this whole journey).

I would never have this opportunity if I wasn’t listening to God and how He has been directing me. I realized that He has been training me in the last couple of months to hear His voice. Really all of my life but lately it feels like I have been in a boot camp lol. But I got it right this time. He told me to speak up and because I was obedient I am able to take this time to regroup, refresh, and replenish my life, my savings, and my spirit.

I know that some of this is quite vague but I promise that in due time I will fill you in on ALL of the details of what is going on. Just know that this step back is truly the step up that I needed for me to get to the next chapter of my journey and I am totally excited about it.

Anything exciting going on in your life.  Comment and let me know.  We are a tribe of supporters and I want to be able to support you in any way that I can.  This journey called life isn’t meant to be traveled alone.

Talk to you again soon…


Zony  🙂