Fear = Stuck

Fear Equals Stuck

I am not a fan of being scared but I have been scared of everything it seems like for the better part of my life and that fear has had me stuck.  I used to always refer to myself as a scary person and I really meant it.  I realize that I have missed out on so much in life because I was scared to make the moves that I needed to make.  You know the saying “No risk No reward”, I wasn’t risking anything and I definitely wasn’t getting rewarded.  Moving to Atlanta was the first major risk that I took in my life but I got here and froze.  I got in a place of complacency and got off track from doing what I planned to do when I moved here.  I often had thoughts of just moving back to South Carolina but what would I say if I moved back … “It got too hard”, “”Atlanta just wasn’t for me”, “I really belong in the country anyway,” “I want to be near my family,” and so many other excuses. Truth is my pride has kept me in Atlanta and my pride has kept me complacent. Sucks right…

I am a super prideful person and I don’t ever want to fail at anything so I don’t start a lot of things for fear of failing or not finishing it.  Pride has kept me in a box for most of my adult life.  It wasn’t until 2010 when I took a chance and went skydiving with a friend and I realized that there is so much that I need to be doing and should be doing.  Although I remained stuck for a little while longer…

Change doesn’t happen over night you know… (rolls eyes at myself lol)

But if I can jump out of a plane at 14,000 ft up then I probably shouldn’t be scared to do anything else? Well ok…

Fast forward to now and I am still fearful of things, of making the moves that I need and want to make but I know that if I don’t make them that I will be once again stuck in wishing, hoping and wanting it to happen without me taking the steps that I need to.

Some of my biggest fears have been…

-Fear of Success…I always think of the line “Mo Money Mo Problems” and who really wants more problems.  I just want to make my family proud and with that comes expectations.  I’ve never wanted to be famous but I do want to leave a legacy and be legendary in my own right.  I want to leave my mark on this beautiful world and if I let fear and pride keep me from it that will suck.  Starting this business has been the biggest risk that I have taken in awhile and I want so badly for it to grow and flourish and become a major force in the life coaching world.  I am working harder than I ever have on anything to make Simply My Purpose amazing and a success.

-Fear of Failure…The opposite of success, I know. But i don’t want to lose anymore than I want to succeed. Everything that I have dreamed of, envisioned, been purposed in me I am scared that I won’t get to it all.  I almost feel like I want too much out of life and I am scared that it will never be enough for me.

-Fear of Marriage…Marriages these days are nothing like my grandparents.  Everyone is so quick to give up and no one wants to put in the work to make it work.  We don’t have that stick and stay mentality.  I want the long lasting love and commitment that they had (both sets). I just want to know that if I’m going hard for you and our relationship that my partner is doing the same. I’m not a hopeless romantic but I am a lover of love and I completely believe in it.  It scares me but I desire to be married but I am in NO hurry to get married any time soon.

There is a scripture that I am holding onto these days very tight and it is …

For God has not given us a spirit of fear and timidity, but of power, love and self-discipline.

2 Timothy 1:7

When ever I am ready to give up and stop myself from moving I reflect on this verse and just keep moving.  We aren’t suppose to be scared of making moves, creating moments, and enjoying life.  So don’t let fear catch you up and keep you stuck in a place that you ultimately don’t want to be.  Go Big or Go Home and going home isn’t an option for me.

So I challenge you all to not be scared of anything and to stop letting fear hold you back from living the BOLD life that you were created to live.  I would love to hear from you, comment and let me know what is holding you back from moving forward with your dreams.  I am here to encourage you and help you get out of that box.

Hope to talk to you soon.



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