Quarter 1: Amazing

Hey ya’ll Hey!!!!! This first quarter of 2019 has been so amazing.  I have been in awe of everything that has been happening and how much my mentality has changed.   When this year started it started different for me mentally.  I did what I have done for the last couple of years which is go to church but it didn’t feel like home this time.  I felt like a stranger in a room filled with people that I know and love.  At that moment I knew that my year was going to be different.   I was too familiar with my life and it was time for me to change it up and start making some different choices and really just LIVE my life according to me with NOOOOO apologies.  Ya’ll it has been the best decision that I have made in a long time.  I have had the time of my life in the last 4 months and I have been scared every step of the way but I didn’t let fear stop me from living the best life possible for me so far in 2019.  When I say that I am excited babe I am excited… I haven’t did huge things like walk on the moon but the steps that I have taken and the adventures that I have been on so far are things that I wouldn’t dare do and some of them I wouldn’t have ever dreamed of doing them by myself.  I am going to share a couple of things and you will see… For most of my life I haven’t did certain things like go on trips or go to different places or attend events because I didn’t have anyone to do them with and certain things I didn’t want to do by myself.  I have missed out on so many things that I really wanted to do all because I didn’t want to do them by myself.  But in 2019, I said no more of that.  I will definitely invite people to go places but if they don’t want to go I will still go by myself.  My first brave trip by myself this year was to Fort Walton Beach, FL.  I didn’t invite anyone on this trip with me because I wanted to really just be myself and clear my mind of all the clutter.  I really treated myself to whatever I wanted from the room, to the food, to shopping, to rest, to anything and everything that I wanted.  I stayed on the beach and got my room beach front so when it was raining I could just have my door open and listen to the waves hit.  It was such an amazing experience to encounter.  I spent a lot of time with God on this trip and He made so many things clear for me.  This was scary for me because I have NEVER taken a trip by myself.  I of course have driven by myself to meet others even jumped on a flight but there was someone there to meet me and we hung out.  Being in this space by myself was like no other thing for me.  I am so glad that I did it.  I will still take trips with my friends and family but if they can’t go I will not hesitate to go by myself.  Ya’ll I am the childish friend in my group because I still like doing the things that kids would be so excited to do. So I got my friends to go to Candytopia while it is here in Georgia and it was cool to see them come out of their adult moods and really be kids.  I had the best time. I also got to go see one of my favorite speakers in person.  Sarah Jakes-Roberts is an awesome speaker.  She will motivate the mess out of you.  I believe that God truly speaks through her.  To get to see her and not break the bank and have a great seat in the building was amazing.  I am always watching her Youtube sermons and videos and to actually catch her in Georgia speaking 30 minutes from where I live I was very grateful.  Here are a couple of her points.
  • You will know that it is something God has for you when you can’t let it go.
  • Your greatest defense against your current opposition is regeneration.
  • Check in with yourself; develop intimacy with yourself and God.
  • When your life comes in alignment there is authority.
That was just a couple of the gems that I got from that “The Women In The Wild” tour.  If she goes on tour again you all have got to go see her.  AMAZING!!!!!!! I am going to post pictures of everything that I did in the last couple of months that has been amazing.  But the point of this post is to let you all see someone who has been stuck in a box that she placed herself in for years is blossoming out.  When you are tired of the regular of your life you will start to move differently.  Life isn’t meant to be lived in a mediocre way.  We aren’t placed here to just exist and get by but we are here to thrive, grow and live the most amazing life possible. I still have some work to do but I am glad that I got that feeling on January 1st at 12:00 am because it has motivated to never be in a place where I just feel like I am existing. I can’t leave you without a couple of tips to getting out of the rut of mediocre…
  1. Start BELIEVING in yourself.
  2. Take time for yourself… a generous amount of time.
  3. Set your boundaries and STICK TO THEM.
  4. Smile More than often…Smile all of the time.
  5. Do ALL of the things that you want to do with no excuses.
  6. Ask yourself if where you are right now is where you want to be for the rest of your life.
  7. Learn to truly love yourself … the good, the bad and the ugly.
If you need any guidance with any of these steps please let me know.  I am here to help you with all of your moving forward and living your best life and purpose needs.

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